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Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist

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Dr. Christina Woloch, LPC, LICDC, C-DBT

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A licensed professional counselor (LPC) is a mental health provider who holds a master’s or doctoral degree in counseling and who has met all requirements set forth by the state licensure board to provide quality mental health care.

A licensed independent chemical dependency counselor (LICDC) is a chemical dependency professional who holds a master’s degree or higher in a behavioral science and who has met all requirements set forth by the state licensure board to provide quality chemical dependency counseling.

A certified dialectical behavior therapist (C-DBT) has met all training requirements in order to become specialized in providing advanced treatment and services rooted in this approach that emphasizes managing and regulating intense negative emotions, and is especially helpful for issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal ideation, trauma, and substance use issues.

Dr. Christina Woloch (pronouns: she/her) is an experienced licensed professional counselor and independent chemical dependency counselor who holds a specialization in dialectical behavior therapy. Her treatment approaches are grounded in evidence-based practice and customized to meet the distinct and personal needs of individuals aged 18 and older. Dr. Woloch’s specialty interests include: anxiety and depression management, suicidal ideation/self-harm, trauma, addiction (behavioral, substance use, and co-occurring), parenthood, girls’/women’s issues, religion/spirituality, anger management, career exploration/development, and the cultivation of inner self confidence/esteem. Dr. Woloch also works affirmatively with LGBTQGEQIAP+ adults to address their mental health, wellness, career, and educational needs.

Dr. Woloch completed her advanced education at The University of Akron, earning a doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision. She also completed a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Malone University. In her formative years, she received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Wright State University. Dr. Woloch is innately curious about the complexities of the human mind and considers herself to be a true ‘student’ of life.

Prior to private practice, Dr. Woloch worked with diverse clients in a community mental health setting, three college campuses, K-8th grade school, and in a residential treatment facility providing inpatient treatment for an alcohol, benzodiazepine, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiate drug, nicotine, caffeine, and marijuana addiction. Service modalities included individual, couple, family, and group counseling.

Over the last 9 years, Dr. Woloch has had many unique opportunities that have highlighted her passion for multicultural competent counseling practice, advocacy, and social justice – from serving multiple years as a Team Captain at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMIWalk to being a recognized researcher, publisher, educator, clinical counselor, and social justice advocate on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Woloch serves as an Assistant Professor at Malone University in the Counseling & Human Development Department. In addition to teaching, she is also the Practicum & Internship Clinical Coordinator, Chair of the Remediation Team, Faculty Advisor (Chi Sigma Iota, Mu Alpha Omega), and an Academic Policy Committee Member. Additionally, Dr. Woloch is deeply devoted to scholarship and service in the broader profession as evidenced by her current involvement as the Secretary for both the Ohio Association for Counselor Education & Supervision (OACES) and Ohio Association for Substance Use Disorders Professionals (OSUDP).

Dr. Woloch’s approach to counseling is relational and person centered. Her goal is to create a safe space for each client to process, reflect, release, and grow. Dr. Woloch meets each client where they are at in terms of change, whether ambivalent and unsure, to fully committed and ready to make forward movement towards goal achievement. She is dedicated to supporting each client in their journey to becoming their most authentic and confident self. Using coping skills, strategic approaches, psychoeducation, metaphors, and thought process examination, Dr. Woloch provides her clients with opportunities to make changes in their life that embrace a future that is full of hope and possibility.

Her strengths include: compassion, open mindedness, collaborative, encouraging, understanding, and respectful.

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  • Licensure & Certifications
  • Professional Affiliations & Memberships
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC)
  • Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist (C-DBT)
  • American Counseling Association
  • Chi Sigma Iota
  • Association for Humanistic Counseling
  • Counselors for Social Justice
  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
  • North Central ACES
  • Ohio Counseling Association
  • Ohio Association for Counselor Education & Supervision
  • Ohio Substance Use Disorders Professionals Interest Group

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