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Sometimes you just need time for you.

These sessions involve one-on-one interactions with your therapist. Individual counseling allows you the space and freedom to explore your strengths, struggles, and growing edges with a trained professional who can help you create a plan for continued growth and change. At times you may want to include others (a partner, a family member, a newborn or child) and that’s okay. We’ll be sure to keep the focus where it needs to be – on you and your goals.

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Relationships require hard work – on both ends.

These sessions focus on partnerships, rather than an individual person. Among the partnerships that can benefit from couples counseling are those who are dating or in a committed relationship, those who are cohabitating or getting married, and those who are considering separation or divorce. Our clinicians are relationship builders that can help clients get to the root of issues and work toward resolution and growth. Couples counseling is not just about resolving current issues but can also be about strengthening bonds, building the relationship, and even working to prevent issues in the future.


Families are dynamic and complex.

These sessions may include any variation or number of people in the family such as parents, children, co-parents, in-laws, grandparents, or other extended family members. The common focus is on promoting connection by elevating strengths and solidifying bonds while also focusing on any issues that may contribute to struggles, disconnections, or conflict. This type of counseling can be used in combination with individual and couples counseling.

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Sometimes we need to connect with people who really “get it.”

These sessions involve small groups of individuals who share an experience such as the pursuit of personal or professional growth, healing from a loss, or navigating a difficult life transition. Our clinicians can provide information about specific topics (also called psychoeducational groups), or help members connect through shared stories (also called process-oriented groups), or both. Group development begins with a need, let us know yours.

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We offer outpatient therapy on location in Canton OH (near Akron, North Canton, and Massillon). We also offer telemental health sessions to all Ohio residents.

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