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Have a telemental session scheduled? Follow the steps below to join your Telemental Health appointment.

Step 1: Click the button to the right to load the OUR TEAM page
Step 2: Locate the clinician for whom you have a telemental health session with and click on their image
Step 3: On the left-side of the page, scrolling down slightly, under “CONTACT INFO” will be a link labeled “Telemental Health Connect”. Simply click this link to launch your telemental health session, following the on-screen instructions that will be provided.
Step 4: Once you join the session, you will be placed into a Wellness Grove virtual waiting room. When your clinician is ready to begin the session, they will admit you into the room to begin your session.

Telemental health, also known as teletherapy or distance counseling, has continued to grow in popularity. With it’s many advantages, it might be the right choice for you.

It Works

Telemental health is an effective alternative to traditional, face-to-face or in-person therapy for a variety of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The benefits of telemental health extend to adults seeking services, as well as children and adolescents. It can be especially beneficial for individuals who lack access to mental health in their area or clinicians with specializations related to their presenting concern.

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It’s Safe and Secure

Telemental health is offered on a secured HIPPA compliant platform. It is important that you are able to join a telehealth session from a private space to ensure your privacy. We can guarantee this on our end. This is a great option for clients who have introverted tendencies, or who are concerned about publicly seeking counseling services due to safety or stigma-related concerns.

It’s Comfortable & Convenient

Telemental health allows you to work with a clinician from the comfort of your own space without having to drive to the office and spend money on travel. With accessible technologies (such as your phone, tablet, or computer) and Internet access, you can have a session during a break in your routine or workday, sit in your favorite chair, include loved ones in sessions who would not have been able to participate in traditional counseling, spend time with your pet, and more. This is a good fit for persons who are comfortable navigating technology.

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The “Switch Over”

Things happen, and we understand that it can be difficult for clients to attend every scheduled in-person session. The “Switch Over” is an option to immediately switch from an in-person session to a telehealth session without losing your appointment time or incurring a cancellation fee. We’ll send you a link, and you simply need to log online to join your therapist.

The “Switch Over” is also an option when telehealth is simply just not your style. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to counseling. We’ll work with you to find what works!

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We offer telemental health sessions to all Ohio residents. We also offer outpatient (in-person) therapy at one of our Canton OH (near Akron, North Canton, and Massillon) facilities.

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