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Promote mental health among your employees with a trusted provider.

We can provide accessible mental health services to everyone in your business or organization – whether in-person sessions or remotely via telehealth.


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Building a culture of wellness is essential, perhaps now more than ever.

We offer a range of wellness services from one-on-one sessions to professional workshops and seminars. Topics can include wellness planning, healthy change habits, relaxation, and more.


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All employees deserve acceptance and respect.

Our tailor-made professional workshops and seminars address the specific needs of your organization. We can cover an array of topics such as microaggressions, intersectionality, gender identity and expression, and unconscious bias.


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With investment comes commitment.

Show your employees that you care about their career journeys and tap into their leadership potential. We can offer services related to career exploration and planning, leadership skills, and work-life balance. Check out our professional workshops and seminars to learn more.

At Wellness Grove…

We are committed to developing and implementing programs and initiatives that align with the mission, vision, and goals of your organization!

We offer an array of services related to mental health, wellness, diversity and inclusion, and career and leadership development. Services can be delivered on location in Canton OH (near Akron, North Canton, and Massillon), virtually, or off-site. Virtual and off-site services are offered not only in Ohio but nationally, to all types/sizes of employers, corporations, organizations, businesses/companies, and other entities.

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